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Melissa Leibman provides a combination manual therapy techniques and energy healing for pain relief of back, neck, shoulders, hips, knees, feet, spinal alignment, scoliosis, trauma, post-concussion, fibromyalgia, headaches, migraines, TMJ, GI problems
About the Practitioner


Melissa Leibman

Here is my story how I got involved in multiple types of healing.  I needed physical therapy after so many tennis injuries.  After graduation, I got into manual therapy after seeing this PT who did different kinds of manual work which helped me get way more functional.  And, after talking with her patients that were in chronic pain, they told me how she helped them to get more of their lives back, even after seeing other kinds of healers.  She mentored me which catapulted a new path for me in physical therapy.  I learned all kinds of manual techniques which blended energy into the sessions.  Then, I became more interested in how energy influenced outcomes.  I learned about energy by reading about vibrational medicines.  Physicists, scientists, and researchers all have proven how energy healing works by explaining it through quantum physics.  Then, I educated myself and learned how to heal distantly.  

I have 25 plus years experience in the physical therapy field and in energy healing.  I combine and blend many techniques in a session, so nothing is done by the book.  I enjoy the challenge of helping to heal any condition, especially the hard-to-treat conditions where you feel doctors don't know what to do with you; or in general, you feel in your gut there's got to be another way.  I can be a great addition to your healing team.  I also share my knowledge with you so that you can learn ways of healing yourself. I want to empower you to help yourself to heal, so that you can take control to help yourself to heal, and then to be able to move on with a happy healthy life.   





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